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UIWebView content height

I've been looking around and wasnt able to see any swift related ways to do this. I'm trying to get my UIWebViews height to be dynamic. I have a UIWebView that loads data using the loadHtmlString function.The thing is that I am loading the data from an sqlite database, each time I load a different string with different length and naturally the web view obtains different height.
Now I need to know how to make the UIWebView that exact height in order to load my next content right under the webView. This is what I have so far

var jobSkillView = UIWebView(frame: CGRectMake(-5, 480.0, screenWidth, 300.0))
jobSkillView.loadHTMLString("<html><body p style='font-family:arial;font-size:16px;'>" + jobSkills + "</body></html>", baseURL: nil)
jobSkillView.backgroundColor = UIColor.whiteColor()
jobSkillView.opaque = false
jobSkillView.scrollView.scrollEnabled = true
jobSkillView.scrollView.bounces = true

I found something like this on stack saying but not sure how to link it to the UIWebView frame

func webViewDidFinishLoad(jobSkillView : UIWebView){
// Change the height dynamically of the UIWebView to match the html content
var jobSkillViewFrame: CGRect = jobSkillView.frame
jobSkillViewFrame.size.height = 1
jobSkillView.frame = jobSkillViewFrame
var fittingSize: CGSize = (jobSkillView.sizeThatFits(CGSizeZero))
jobSkillViewFrame.size = fittingSize
// webViewFrame.size.width = 276; Making sure that the webView doesn't get wider than 276 px
jobSkillView.frame = jobSkillViewFrame

var jobSkillViewHeight = jobSkillView.frame.size.height

Answer Source

So this is a really great function you wrote there, OP!
Here is just a shorter, more elegant version of your code:

//make sure to declare the delegate when creating your webView (add UIWebViewDelegate to class declaration as well)
myWebView.delegate = self

func webViewDidFinishLoad(webView: UIWebView) {
     webView.frame.size.height = 1
     webView.frame.size = webView.sizeThatFits(CGSizeZero)

For Swift 3

myWebView.delegate = self

func webViewDidFinishLoad(webView: UIWebView) {
     webView.frame.size.height = 1
     webView.frame.size = webView.sizeThatFits(CGSize(widht:0, height:0))
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