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Deleting object from parse-server code causing error?

I am developing an app in Xcode using swift and am using a heroku-hosted parse-server as my database. I want to be able to delete an object from the database, but I keep getting an error when trying to type out the code. Here is what I have:

let removingObjectQuery = PFQuery(className: "GoingTo")
removingObjectQuery.whereKey("objectId", equalTo: goingToSelectionID)
removingObjectQuery.findObjectsInBackground(block: { (object, error) in
if let objects = object{
print("Object found")
for object in objects{

But the delete
keeps sending an error to in the code line saying that ".deleteInBackground is not a member of [PFObject]"... except that I thought it is a member of that value type?

Edit: Syntax fixed to allow calling of
but now am receiving error in logs (which does not crash the app) that "[Error]: Object not found". The object is for sure in the DB and whereKey
is adequately described... (goingToSelectionID is indeed the objectId in the DB... checked this by printing to logs). Not sure what is wrong?

Answer Source

The findObjectsInBackground method doesn't return results of type PFObject, but [PFObject], which is an array of PFObjects... If you want to delete the whole array, you can use the class method deleteAllInBackground like so:

PFObject.deleteAllInBackground(objectt, block: nil)

Or you can iterate through the array:

for objectt in object! {
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