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SQL Question

Sort SQL array based on months of string type

I have the following


SELECT `facility_name`, `day`, `month`, `year`, `start_time`, `end_time`
FROM reservation_db
WHERE user_id = '$userID'
ORDER BY `facility_name` ASC, `year` ASC, `day` ASC, `start_time` ASC, `end_time` ASC"

It works fine, but in my table I also have a column
that contains the months as strings (i.e. "Ian", "Feb", "Mar", etc). Changing the type of data stored in the column is no longer an option right now.. How can I use
to also sort those?

Answer Source

Add a case expression to you order by, where you return each month's number:

order by case `month` when 'Jan' then 1
                      when 'Feb' then 2
                      when 'Mar' then 3
                      when 'Dec' then 12
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