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React JSX Question

Catch "Warning: [react-router] Location '/foo-bar' did not match any routes" and do a full page reload if it is thrown

I have a hybrid react/angularjs app. When routing to routes that don't exist in react I need to do a full page reload so the server can return the angular pages. I see the error being thrown

Warning: [react-router] Location '/foo-bar' did not match any routes
. How can I intercept that and do a full page reload when it happens?

Answer Source

Figured it out...

const reloadPage = (nextState, replace, callback) => {
  callback("Route not found");

const routes = (
  <Route path="/" component={Chrome}>
    <IndexRoute component={Home}/>
    <Route path="catagory" component={CategoryPage}/>
    <Route path="*" onEnter={reloadPage}/>

try {
      <Router history={browserHistory}>{routes}</Router>
} catch (err) {
  if (err !== "Route not found") {
    throw err;
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