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Python Interpreter Shell with Vi(m) integration possible?

I love to use bpython but in Ruby there is a gem called interactive_editor that makes it possible to combine Vi(m) with the Ruby shell which makes the Development process much more comfortable. A good introduction to interactive_editor:

Are there any tools (like interactive_editor for Ruby) available to combine the Python shell with Vi(m)?

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You could have a look at the vim-ipython vim plugin:

This requires you to install the ipython shell (but I recommend doing this anyway as it adds a lot of functionality to the standard python shell).

If you don't want to install ipython, I suggest having a look at the ConqueShell plugin for vim:

This lets you run shells within vim. Once you've sourced the vim-ball, all you need to do is

:ConqueTerm python

to get a python shell directly in vim.

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