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iOS Question

how to build DLIB for iOS

I'm trying to build DLIB for an iOS project. running the cmake results in a

and a load of

When I add the library to an Xcode project I get warning that the library hasn't been built for

My question is two part: 1) How can I build DLIB for iOS (I tried
cmake **path_to_source** -DCMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURE="arm64"
but it caused loads of errors e.g.
unknown type name '__uint32_t'; did you mean '__uint128_t'?

2) What is the purpose of all the
files that get built when you run cmake? Do I need to include them in an Xcode project?

Answer Source

I finally figured out how to do this:


  • X11 (on a mac you can just open the X11 app and if X11 isn't installed it'll take you to the download).
  • Xcode
  • cmake (you can use home-brew for that)


  • In terminal make the lib-xx.xx/examples your root
  • Run:

    mkdir build

    cd build

    cmake -G Xcode ..

    cmake --build . --config Release

This will create a folder called dlib_build in which you can find an Xcode project that compiles the library. In the build settings of that Xcode project you can set the build architecture and SDK for any Xcode supported OS you like!


You have to include a lot of custom compiler flags and 3rd party libraries to get dlib to work in a project. Check out the examples.xcproject build settings.

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