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Spring MVC - REST Api, keep getting 400 Bad Request when trying to POST

i have a REST api service which should receive POST calls.

I'm using POSTMAN to test them, but i keep getting a 400 Bad Request Error, with no body, maybe i'm building bad my controller...

This is the controller

public ResponseEntity<?> deleteObject(@RequestBody long objectId) {
logger.debug("controller hit");
Object o = service.findByObjectId(objectId);


return new ResponseEntity<>(HttpStatus.OK);

return new ResponseEntity<>(HttpStatus.NOT_FOUND);


i should send the request in JSON, in this way:


But i get a 400 error, and the strange think is that my logger
logger.debug("controller hit");
it's not printed in logs...

Answer Source

Sending { "objectId":100 } would result in receiving an object X with an objectId attribute in your java method.

If you just need to send an id, you can use @PathVariable

public ResponseEntity<?> deleteObject(@PathVariable("id") long objectId) {

Also, consider using DeleteMapping instead of PostMapping to delete an object.

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