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CSS Question

Basic rotation using Snap.svg

I am trying to rotate the svg as it translates along, but i cant make it rotate on its axis. Is there a way to make it rotate on its own axis ?


js Code

var paper = Snap('#svg');
matrix = new Snap.Matrix().translate(630, -95);
var start_gear = paper.path("M51.7,29.5v-7.2h-5.2c-0.5-3.1-1.6-6-3.3-8.5l3.4-3.4l-5.1-5.1l-3.2,3.2c-2.6-2-5.6-3.4-8.8-4V0.3h-7.1v4.1 c-3.4,0.5-6.5,1.7-9.2,3.6l-2.8-2.8l-5.1,5.1L8,12.9c-2,2.7-3.3,5.8-3.8,9.2H0v7.1h4.2c0.6,3.4,2,6.6,4,9.2l-2.8,2.8l5.1,5.1 l2.9-2.9c2.6,1.7,5.6,2.9,8.9,3.4v5.3h7.2v-5.4c3.1-0.6,6-1.9,8.5-3.7l3.6,3.6l5.1-5.1l-3.7-3.7c1.7-2.5,2.9-5.3,3.5-8.3H51.7z M25.8,38.1c-6.6,0-12-5.4-12-12c0-6.6,5.4-12,12-12c6.6,0,12,5.4,12,12C37.8,32.8,32.4,38.1,25.8,38.1z").transform(matrix);
start_gear.attr({fill: "#e8434d"});
start_gear.animate({ transform: 't630, 240 r540,22,20' }, 3000, mina.bounce);

Ian Ian

If you don't include your own center of rotation, Snap will use its calculated bounding box center to rotate around. So it's as simple as removing that.

start_gear.animate({ transform: 't630, 240 r540' }, 3000, mina.bounce);