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async does not have whole object in iteration

I use async.eachSeries to iterate over an array. The array looks like:

{ filename: '20171-132.pdf',
content: [base64 encoded file]

With a loop I loop through the items to get the contents.

async.eachSeries(attach, function(item, callback){
console.log("ITEM", item);
var attachment = {
filename: item.filename,
content: item.content.split("base64")[1],
encoding: 'base64'

}, function(){

But, in the log of 'item', I have only filename, with as result, that the code stops on item.content.split, because it's undefined.
Anybody any idea whats happening here and how can I solve this?

Answer Source

You are working on an object, not an array.

   filename: '20171-132.pdf',
   content: [base64 encoded file]

Square brackets are the JSON representation of an array. So if item would look like this instead;

       filename: '20171-132.pdf',
       content: [base64 encoded file]

then I'm guessing it will fix your problem.

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