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How to append and the line once the matched pattern is found

I want to search the string in a file and if the search string is found
then I want to replace the three line based on value in curly braces.

I was going through one of solution from stack overflow

Perl - Insert lines after a match is found in a file

But the things are not working for me

abcdef1{3} { 0x55, 0x55, 0x55 }
abcdef2{2} { 0x55, 0x55}


use strict;
use warnings;
my $ipfile = 'input.txt';
open my $my_fh "<", $ipfile or die "Couldn't open input file: $!";
if (/$abcdef1/)
s/abcdef1{3} {\n/abcdef1{3} {\nabcdef1 0x55\nabcdef1 0x55\nabcdef1


expected output:

abcdef1 0x55
abcdef1 0x55
abcdef1 0x55
abcdef2 0x55
abcdef2 0x55

Any help with explanation would be grateful.

Answer Source

Note in perlre and that using $ and { ... } have special meanings within regular expressions. You may not see output because you are missing at least one print statement. The first curly enclosure (ie: {\d+}) could be optional unless you want to validate the length of the series in the second enclosure.

Your loop may look something like:

while (<$my_fh>) {
  if (/
      ^               # beginning of line
      ([^{]+)         # the base pattern captured in $1 ("non-left curly braces")
      .*              # any number of characters
      \{\s*(.*?)\s*\} # the data section surrounded by curlies captured in $2
      $               # end of line
      /x)          # allow whitespace and comments
    for my $val (split /, /, $2) {
      print "$1 $val\n";
  } else {

Or more tersely:

while (my $line = <$my_fh>) {
  if ($line =~ /^([^{]+).*\{\s*(.*?)\s*\}$/) {
    $line = '';
    $line .= "$1 $_\n" for split /, /, $2;
  print $line;

The ? in the pattern .*? indicates a non-greedy match. In this case, it avoids matching the whitespace next to the second right curly brace.