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Most popular screen sizes/resolutions on Android phones

First of all, I understand that Android's developer site provides information on this topic. I have already read the following three pages:

Supporting Multiple Screens

Screen Sizes and Densites

Icon Design Guidelines

They do not give the information/statistics that I am looking for. Judging from the second link, the two most important screen categories to support are


The problem is that simply knowing that these two categories are the most popular is of no help to me. The website gives me a range of screen sizes and densities that go into these categories, but the ranges are quite large.

I want to know what the most popular phones are in these two categories. More specifically, I am looking for the most popular resolutions in these two categories. Where can I find such information?

Answer Source

You can see the resolutions for those categories in the Table 2, in this section: http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html#testing

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