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Javascript Question

Bootstrap Timepicker not displaying

I have a modal window where I have a table where the user can choose times. I was able to get the timepicker to work inside the tables in this example.

$('.timepicker').timepicker().on('changeDate', function(ev){

However, in this example the timepicker is not displaying. There are no exceptions being thrown.

Answer Source

I ended up going with a jquery plugin which worked right out of the box for selecting the times.


<label><input id="mondayStartTime" type="text" style="width:100px" data-bind="value: mondayStartTime" class="time ui-timepicker-input"></input>Start</label>
<label><input id="mondayEndTime" type="text" style="width:100px" data-bind="value: mondayEndTime" class="time ui-timepicker-input"></input>End</label>



Available via CDN.

It works well inside the modal dialog.

Here is an example:

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