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C++11 QtCreator: long integer not correctly read into variable

I have a singly linked list of type Node that is defined like this:

struct Item {
long date;
bool isPaid;
struct Node{
Item item;
Node* next;

Where "date" is a field that will take the form "ddmmaaaa" (that is, first two digits for the day, second two digits for the month, last four digits for the year).
However, when I try to add a few nodes, I get a different number inserted:

newItem=new Node;
list=insertItem(list, newItem);

(insertItem is my function that takes a pointer to a list head and a pointer to a new node and inserts the node in the list).

I get the right number if I try to assign something like 13042016 to the long field:

this is right

However, when I try to assign 01062016, I get 287758 instead:

this is wrong

I'm not trying to use a different approach (I know the date thing is weird, I just need it this way). Only to understand why I get strange numbers when I add a date that perfectly fits in a long variable.
I'm using Qt Creator 2.7.2 based on Qt 5.1.0.

Answer Source

Because 01062016 starts with 0 but not 0x hence it is an octal number, it's equivalence with 287758 in decimal.

See Integral Literal:

octal-literal is the digit zero (0) followed by zero or more octal digits (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

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