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Error while updating the column in SQLite Database Android

I am trying to update the column in the table using update method. I am thrown syntax error like this:

SQLiteException: no such column: DataStructures (code 1): , while compiling: UPDATE tbl_courses SET checked_status=? WHERE course_name=DataStructures

Here is my Database Query:

public static final String TABLE_COURSES = "tbl_courses";
public static final String COLUMN_COURSE_ID = "_id";
public static final String COLUMN_COURSE_NAME = "course_name";
public static final String COLUMN_COURSE_SELECTED = "checked_status";
public static final String COLUMN_COURSE_CODE = "course_code";

public void updateSelectedCourseField(String courseName, String courseSelected) {
ContentValues args = new ContentValues();
args.put(COLUMN_COURSE_SELECTED, courseSelected);
database.update(TABLE_COURSES, args, COLUMN_COURSE_NAME + "=" + courseName,null);

I am trying to change checked_status value in tbl_courses where course_name = DataStructures. I am sure its in the database but its throwing me the error. please guide me through this.

Answer Source

I'd say DataStructures needs to be surrounded in quotes given that it is a text value, and not a table column.

So something like:

database.update(TABLE_COURSES, args, COLUMN_COURSE_NAME + "='" + courseName + "'",null);
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