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C++ Question

Generate a library (.lib) file

  1. I want to build Libharu and generate a static library (.lib) file. I am using VS2010.

  2. I want to build Libharu with
    support. I have already installed them and
    are present in Program Files (x86)/GnuWin32/lib

  3. I followed the installation method for Windows platforms (except cygwin/MinGW) as mentioned on this official link

    • I used
      nmake -f script/Makefile.msvc
      which generated

    • then to check the success, I ran
      nmake -f script/Makefile.msvc demo
      , which successfully created the demo Pdfs

Question: How do I generate
file with

1. Link for ZLIB installation

  1. Link for Libpng installation

UPDATE: By doing the above mention steps, i get the following output on console

Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility Version 10.00.30319.01
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

if exist *.lib del *.lib
lib -out:libhpdf.lib src\hpdf_utils.obj src\hpdf_error.obj src\hpdf_mmgr.obj src\hpdf_list.obj src\hpdf_streams.obj src\hpdf_objects.obj src\hpdf_null.obj src\hpdf_boolean.obj
src\hpdf_number.obj src\hpdf_real.obj src\hpdf_name.obj src\hpdf_array.obj src\hpdf_dict.obj src\hpdf_xref.obj src\hpdf_encoder.obj src\hpdf_string.obj src\hpdf_binary.obj src\hpd
f_encrypt.obj src\hpdf_encryptdict.obj src\hpdf_fontdef.obj src\hpdf_fontdef_tt.obj src\hpdf_fontdef_type1.obj src\hpdf_fontdef_base14.obj src\hpdf_fontdef_cid.obj src\hpdf_font.obj
src\hpdf_font_type1.obj src\hpdf_font_tt.obj src\hpdf_font_cid.obj src\hpdf_doc.obj src\hpdf_info.obj src\hpdf_catalog.obj src\hpdf_page_label.obj src\hpdf_gstate.obj src\hpdf_pages.o
bj src\hpdf_page_operator.obj src\hpdf_destination.obj src\hpdf_annotation.obj src\hpdf_outline.obj src\hpdf_image.obj src\hpdf_encoder_jp.obj src\hpdf_encoder_kr.obj src\hpdf_encode
r_cns.obj src\hpdf_encoder_cnt.obj src\hpdf_fontdef_jp.obj src\hpdf_fontdef_kr.obj src\hpdf_fontdef_cns.obj src\hpdf_fontdef_cnt.obj src\hpdf_image_png.obj src\hpdf_image_ccitt.obj s
rc\hpdf_doc_png.obj src\hpdf_ext_gstate.obj src\hpdf_namedict.obj src\hpdf_3dmeasure.obj src\hpdf_exdata.obj src\hpdf_u3d.obj
Microsoft (R) Library Manager Version 10.00.40219.01
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Answer Source

You need to set the environment variables ZLIB_PREFIX and PNG_PREFIX to the according folders they are installed in before you run the makefile

The scripts expects the folder PNG_PREFIX\include and PNG_PREFIX\lib to be existent (so set the variables to the folder both these folders are in).

The same goes for ZLIB_PREFIX.

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