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Objective-C Question

iOS png compression that makes sense for a flipbook animation

We have a video we need to play at variable speeds for an iPhone app. But you're only able to change the video playback speed between .5X-2X or so. We needed more control than that.

Instead we broke our videos into a consecutive series of PNG's that we "flip through" on a timer.

The size of all these PNG's is making the app unwieldy to download over the wire. How can I best use this flipbook approach while being smart about respecting the iPhones own built-in compression routines? How can we avoid both space and memory hits from this approach, especially on older iOS devices?

Right now, the app is too large at almost 50 MB. It also takes a bit of time during startup to grab all the images and put it in an NSMutableArray.


I ended up using jpg's instead.