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filters on ng-model in an input

I have a text input and I don't want to allow users to use spaces, and everything typed will be turned into lowercase.

I know I'm not allowed to use filters on ng-model eg.

ng-model='tags | lowercase | no_spaces'

I looked at creating my own directive but adding functions to
didn't update the input, only other elements that had
on it.

How can I change the input of that I'm currently typing in?

I'm essentially trying to create the 'tags' feature that works just like the one here on StackOverflow.

Answer Source

I would suggest to watch model value and update it upon chage:

The only interesting issue is with spaces: In AngularJS 1.0.3 ng-model on input automatically trims string, so it does not detect that model was changed if you add spaces at the end or at start (so spaces are not automatically removed by my code). But in 1.1.1 there is 'ng-trim' directive that allows to disable this functionality (commit). So I've decided to use 1.1.1 to achieve exact functionality you described in your question.

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