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Is this usage of await/async correct?

I'm new to async/await and I want to make sure that this way of doing it is correct:

public async Task DoHeavyWorkAsync()
await Task.Run(() => {

public async void ConsumeAsync()
Task longRunningTask = DoHeavyWorkAsync();
// do a lot of other stuffs here that does not depend on DoHeavyWorkAsync()
await longRunningTask;

Is this way of using async/await correct or did I do something wrong?

Answer Source

There are a couple of things you can do:

  1. In DoHeavyWorkAsync, you don't really need to generate a state machine using await Task.Run, you can simply return Task.Run:

    public Task DoHeavyWorkAsync() 
       return Task.Run(() => getResponseFromFarawaySlowServerAndDoSomethingWithIt());
  2. async void is ment solely for async Event Handlers. If your async method is void returning, it should return a Task instead:

    public async Task ConsumeAsync()
  3. If DoHeavyWorkAsync is an IO based operation, there is no need to wrap it inside a Task.Run as it is inherently asynchronous. Simply using await will do. More-so, you shouldn't do async over sync. Instead, you should make the caller of the synchronous method explicitly use Task.Run, if needed at all:

    public void DoHeavyWork()

    and then explicitly wrap it in the calling method:

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