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Apache Configuration Question

wamp server does not start: Windows 7, 64Bit

I am trying to install wamp server (following is the exact setup name) on windows 7, 64Bit OS. But it never starts, icon stays in orange color meaning some services did not start.


I did not find any solution.

No skype, port 80 is not in use.

In windows services, when I try to start wampapache service manually, it throws following error:

Windows could not start the wampapache service on Local Computer.

Error 1053: The service did not respond ot the start or control request in a timely fashion.

apache_error.log is empty.

Things use to work fine in windows XP.

Answer Source

My solution to fix that problem was the following:

Start > search > cmd.exe (Run as administrator)

Inside the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) type:

cd c:/wamp/bin/apache/ApacheX.X.X/bin
httpd.exe -e debug

**Note that the ApacheX.X.X is the version of the Apache wamp is running.

This should output what the apache server is doing. The error that causes Apache from loading should be in there. My problem was that httpd.conf was trying to load a DLL that was missing or was corrupted (php5apache2_4.dll). As soon as I overwrote this file, I restarted Wamp and everything ran smooth.

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