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Keep checkbox checked after page refresh AngularJS

I'm quite new to AngularJS and had to takeover somebody else's project at work which has little to no documentation.

I have 2 kinds of check-boxes in my application, one is a "Select All" checkbox and another is a device selection checkbox. As the name suggests, the select all will select all the devices listed below it and if I uncheck the "select all" checkbox, I can check the devices individually to see them.

Here is the code of the Select all checkbox -

<input type="checkbox" data-ng-model='devCtrl.uiChoices.selectAll' value='true' data-ng-change="devCtrl.selectAll()"/><h4>Select / Deselect All</h4>


_this.uiChoices.selectAll = true;

I can understand from above that by default, select all is checked and I can see all the devices below it checked too.

Moving onto the device check-box -

<input type="checkbox" data-ng-model='device.draw' data-ng-change="device = devCtrl.adjustVisibility(device)" />

Controller -

_this.adjustVisibility = function(draw) {
return draw;

Basically, whenvever the device is selected, it will appear on a google map. If it is unchecked, it won't appear on the map.

My question is, after I uncheck the "Select all" checkbox and then select only 2 devices in the list below and then do a page refresh, I want the select all to be disabled and show only those 2 devices to be checked and displayed on the map.

The list of devices is being pulled from a MySQL database and is updated dynamically.

Any help is appreciated.

Answer Source

As I said, you can do it by 3 different ways.

1 - Using $scope variable

In AngularJS you have a main Controller usually set at index.HTML body that you can access from all other controllers. You could use it to store your data on the $scope variable. See the example:


<body ng-controller="DefaultController">


angular.module('YourModule').controller('DefaultController', ['$scope', function ($scope) {
    //Storing Your data
    $scope.isChecked = true;


angular.module('YourModule').controller('YourCheckBoxController', ['$scope', function ($scope) {
    //Here you gonna access the $scope variable, that does not change on page reload
    $scope.accessingTheVariable= function () {
        if ($scope.isChecked) {
            //Select All
        else {
            //Do not Select All

    $scope.onCheckBoxToggle {
        $scope.isChecked = _this.uiChoices.selectAll;
        //More code

2- Using localStorage

//The property exists
if (localStorage.hasOwnProperty("isChecked")) {
    if(localStorage.isChecked) {
        //Select All
    else {
        //Do not Select All

//To set localStorage.isChecked
localStorage.setItem("isChecked", _this.uiChoices.selectAll);

3 - Angular Service (Factory)

On this scenario you should create a service that could be accessed from every Controller in your project (usefull if you gonna use the data on more than 1 Controller). Look:


angular.module('YouModule').factory('YouService', function () {
    var data =
        IsChecked = true

    data.buildIsChecked = function (isChecked) {
        this.IsChecked = isChecked;

    return data;


    ['$scope', 'YouService', function ($scope, YouService) {

    //Setting the service

    //Accessing the service Information (it could be accessed from any Controller, just remember to set Service Name at begin of the module declaration)
    var isChecked = MenuService.IsChecked;
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