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Bash Question

Shell Command in VBA Execution

I'm trying to run two lines of commands using shell. I haven't been able to find a good source on how to actually execute shell in VBA. So far, I have been able to figure out how to open a specific directory.

Sub shellCMD()
Shell ("cmd.exe /k CD\Users\n808037\Desktop\OTHER")
End Sub

This will at least lead me to the directory where I need to go. However, now that I've gotten to the directory I need to go, I need to execute a command after. That is

copy *.csv merged.csv

How do I do this in shell?


Each Shell call runs in its own process, so you can't run separate commands by calling Shell consecutively. Generally, you'd want to either run multiple commands as a batch file or script if you were going to do a lot of processing. In this case, just specify the full path for copy. There's no need to change the working directory at all:

Shell "cmd.exe /k copy C:\Users\n808037\Desktop\OTHER\*.csv C:\Users\n808037\Desktop\OTHER\merged.csv"