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Android Question

Cannot download file from a https address using android phone

  1. I set up an
    Apache server
    which accept a
    connection (on my local)

  2. Create a very simple html file which contains this code:
    <a href="Menu.doc">download</a>

  3. Using PC, go to address 'https://localhost', click on the link, I can download the file "Menu.doc".

  4. But when using native web browser or even chrome on an android phone, I can NOT download this file. I can see the "starting download" message, but then it "hang on" with state "in progress" forever.

  5. If I choose a download manager app (on my phone) such as ESdownloader, I can download it.

  6. When I try downloading a file from a HTTPS address ( using this phone, everything is OK

Why and how to fix it?
Maybe I need some config to my server or some code (PHP, Java) on the server side to handle the download request?

Answer Source

You https server is a certified authority signed or self-signed server? Maybe the problem is with the certificate. Please read this thread

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