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Get last day of month in python

Getting error for December month.

ValueError: month must be in 1..12

def last_day_of_month(ds):
cur_ds = datetime.strptime(ds, '%Y-%m-%d')
next_month = datetime(year=cur_ds.year, month=cur_ds.month+1, day=1)
last_day_month = next_month - timedelta(days=1)
return datetime.strftime(last_day_month, '%Y-%m-%d')

print last_day_of_month('2016-12-01')

Answer Source

You can't make a datetime with a month of 13. So you have to find a way to fix it. A simple solution is to convert the incremented month to an extra year:

# Reduce 12 to 1, 0 and all other #s to 0, #
extrayear, month = divmod(cur_ds.month, 12)
# Add 1 or 0 to existing year, add one to month (which was reduced to 0-11)
next_month = datetime(year=cur_ds.year + extrayear, month=month + 1, day=1)
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