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Does SparkSQL support subquery?

I am running this query in Spark shell but it gives me error,

"select sal from samplecsv where sal < (select MAX(sal) from samplecsv)"


java.lang.RuntimeException: [1.47] failure: ``)'' expected but identifier MAX found

select sal from samplecsv where sal < (select MAX(sal) from samplecsv)
at scala.sys.package$.error(package.scala:27)
Can anybody explan me,thanks

Answer Source

Spark 2.0+

Spark SQL should support both correlated and uncorrelated subqueries. See SubquerySuite for details. Some examples include:

select * from l where exists (select * from r where l.a = r.c)
select * from l where not exists (select * from r where l.a = r.c)

select * from l where l.a in (select c from r)
select * from l where a not in (select c from r)

Unfortunately as for now (Spark 2.0) it is impossible to express the same logic using DataFrame DSL.

Spark < 2.0

Spark supports subqueries in the FROM clause (same as Hive <= 0.12).


It simply doesn't support subqueries in the WHERE clause.Generally speaking arbitrary subqueries (in particular correlated subqueries) couldn't be expressed using Spark without promoting to Cartesian join.

Since subquery performance is usually a significant issue in a typical relational system and every subquery can be expressed using JOIN there is no loss-of-function here.

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