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Node.js Question

What js template engine is that?

I'm working in huge nodejs project. It comes from outsource guys. It contains hundreds of plugins and libraries. I can't recognize a template engine which uses in it. Can someboby help with this?

var $mapsIfAlbum = (
<section class="slide section" data-index="2" style={{top: mapsPos + '%', zIndex: mapsPos}}>
<div class="maps">
<_Maps />

This one looks like Mustache, but both pieces are in one file. Is it posible to use two template engines in one file?

var bodyStyles = `
@media screen and (max-width: 720px) {
body {
background: #fff !important;

Answer Source

The first looks like it's JSX which is commonly used with React.

And yes like others have mentioned, the second one is a template literal.

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