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C# Question

NopCommerce 3.8 Custom Plugin View Tabs

Ive followed the Tutorial for creating a custom plugin from Plural site tutorial

However as of now it is a little out of date with Nop version 3.8.

Ive followed the tutorial and made one change (the admin menu).

Im about to create the "CreateUpdatePromoSlider.cshtml" but im hit with an issue.

<li @Html.RenderSelectedTabIndex(0, GetSelectedTabIndex())>Slider</li>

Seems "@Html" doesnt contain a definition for "RenderSelectedTabIndex" anymore.

Im guessing it was changed in 3.8, does any one know the fix for this in relation to the tutorial?

you can assume that the rest of the code folows the tutoiral exactly.

Answer Source

Try to use @Html.RenderBootstrapTabHeader and @Html.RenderBootstrapTabContent methods instead of @Html.RenderSelectedTabIndex. They are now used in nopCommerce admin panel.

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