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Swift Question

Scroll UICollectionView to bottom

I would like to scroll the UICollectionView to the bottom so the last item is in the view. I have tried to use scrollToItemAtIndexPath but it does not seem to be working. I want this to happen after I have completed a query with


var query = PFQuery(className:"Chat")
// query.whereKey("user", equalTo:currentUser)
query.whereKey("rideId", equalTo:currentObjectId)

query.findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock {
(objects: [AnyObject]!, error: NSError!) -> Void in
if error == nil {
// The find succeeded.
NSLog("Successfully retrieved \(objects.count) scores.")
// Do something with the found objects
for object in objects {
NSLog("%@", object.objectId)

var testId = object.objectId



var message = object.objectForKey("message") as String
self.messageString = message

var nameId = object.objectForKey("user") as PFUser
var username = nameId.username as String
self.nameString = username

println("username: \(username)")


} else {
// Log details of the failure
NSLog("Error: %@ %@", error, error.userInfo!)
NSLog("Ordered: %@", self.orderedIdArray)

Answer Source

I have added the lines below to run once the query is complete.

        var item = self.collectionView(self.collectionView!, numberOfItemsInSection: 0) - 1
        var lastItemIndex = NSIndexPath(forItem: item, inSection: 0)
        self.collectionView?.scrollToItemAtIndexPath(lastItemIndex, atScrollPosition: UICollectionViewScrollPosition.Top, animated: false)
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