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accounting.js keeps cursor at end for decimal values

I am using

plugin to format currency. The only problem is, it places cursor at the end of the value as soon as type anything and since I've kept 2 decimal value precision for
it stops me from typing more. I did not find any source where this is used to edit values as soon as you type. How can I make this work? Any workaround or hack found?

<input autocomplete="off" type="text" id="Price"/>


var options = {
symbol : "£",
decimal : ".",
thousand: ",",
precision : 2,
format: "%s%v"

function() {
var _this = $(this);
var val = _this.val().startsWith("£") ? _this.val().split("£")[1] : _this.val();
var value=accounting.formatMoney(val,options);


Answer Source

I understand that the formatting function runs too soon.
I don't know this accounting.js lib... but,

Try this:

$("#Price").on("change", function(){ ... rest of the function stay the same...}


$("#Price").on("blur", function(){ ... rest of the function stay the same...}

input is not an event...
Your code sure do strange things. ;)


My script for «fixing» cursor position when I have a function tha returns a modified value to the inpyt ``onkeyup':

function GetCursorPos (field) {

    // Initialize
    iCaretPos = 0;

    if (isIE){  //(document.selection) {

        // Set focus on the element

        // To get cursor position, get empty selection range
        oSel = field.createTextRange();

        // Move selection start to 0 position
        oSel.moveStart('character', -field.value.length);

        // The caret position is selection length
        iCaretPos = oSel.text.length;

    if (isChrome||isSafari){    //(field.selectionStart || field.selectionStart == '0')
        iCaretPos = field.selectionStart;

    if (isFirefox){
        iCaretPos = field.selectionStart;

    return iCaretPos;

function SetCursorPos (field,Pos) {

    // Set focus on the element

    if (isIE){

    if (isChrome||isSafari){

    if (isFirefox){


From within a function that manipulates the value, I get the cursor position before returning the value... And then «replace» the cursor:

field.value = n;

Maybe it could help....

It include this:

// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------  What is the browser ?

var isOpera = !!window.opera || navigator.userAgent.indexOf(' OPR/') >= 0;
    // Opera 8.0+ (UA detection to detect Blink/v8-powered Opera)
var isFirefox = typeof InstallTrigger !== 'undefined';   // Firefox 1.0+
var isSafari ='Constructor') > 0;
    // At least Safari 3+: "[object HTMLElementConstructor]"
var isChrome = !! && !isOpera;              // Chrome 1+
var isIE = /*@cc_on!@*/false || !!document.documentMode; // At least IE6

EDIT (based on working test in your fiddle)

  // pseudocode
.on('input', function () {
    var cursorPosition = this.selectionEnd;

    var val = this.value;
    var hasCurrencySymbol = val.startsWith('£');
    var formatted = accounting.formatMoney(val.substr(hasCurrencySymbol ? 1 : 0), options);
    cursorPos = GetCursorPos(this);
    this.value = formatted;
    //this.setSelectionRange(cursorPosition, cursorPosition);

Your updated Fiddle here.

And, yes... The pound sign was creating an offset issue, but only on the first inputted character.

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