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ASP.NET (C#) Question

C#.NET : How to set arabic or other languages' characters as access keys for a textbox control?

Till now, I was using my software in English language only, now it is being converted to multi-languages, so all the access keys are being dead while computer language is set to other than English, I want to use my shortcut access key ALT + F in Arabic? How will I do this?

Thanks in advance.

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From Microsoft guidelines:

Keyboard layouts change according to culture/locale. Some characters do not exist in all keyboard layouts. When assigning shortcut-key combinations, make sure that you can reproduce them using international keyboards, especially if you plan to use the shortcut-key combinations with the Windows 2000 MUI (Multilanguage User Interface).

Because each culture/locale may use a different keyboard, consider using numbers and function keys (F4, F5, and so on) instead of letters in shortcut-key combinations.

Although you do not need to localize number and function-key combinations, they are not as intuitive for the user as letter combinations. Some shortcut keys may not work for each keyboard layout in a particular culture/locale. For example, some cultures/locales use more than one keyboard, such as Eastern Europe and most Arabic-speaking countries/regions.

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