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Git Question

How to make a branch as master w/o using git merge?


  • master

  • staging ~contains latest version

Current setup


Make staging as master

What I want to do now is to make
as the
without using
git merge
because I am no longer able to keep track of the changes and the position of the heads.

Current branch is staging and I wanted to achieve this

+-master-+-master--+-master--+ +-master-+

Can the master be overridden by staging using these steps?

  1. git checkout master

  2. change something

  3. git add *

  4. git commit -m "override the master version"

  5. git push -u origin master

Answer Source

If I understood your question correctly, you can do

git checkout master
git reset --hard staging

This will make master point to the same commit as staging. If your master has any commits that are not in staging you will lose them.

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