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AngularJS Question

is it possible to test the contents of a function that is the parameter of a spy

I'm testing a directive in angular and for code coverage purposes i need to get into that function which is passed to the second parameter of the remove function:

Myservice.remove(param1, function() {
//test contents of this..

is mocked, with the
function being a spy:

myservice = {
remove: jasmine.createSpy('Myservice.remove')

I've tried
but i believe these are more to just return the result of remove, not cover the parameter function, so naturally i get no difference.

so in my test i have the following:

it('should do something', function() {
// generic directive setup

this works and the tests passes, however i'm unable to cover that function in the param, any ideas how to proceed?

Answer Source

the answer was to call a fake function with the correct params in and then calling the function within it.

myservice = {
    remove: jasmine.createSpy('Myservice.remove').and.callFake(function(data, callback) {

the same test passes, but now the coverage fully covers the function passed in as the param.

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