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Git Question

How to see an html page on github as a normal rendered html page to see preview in browser, without downloading?

On http://github.com developer keep the html, csss , javascript and images files of the project. How i can see html output in browser?

for example this https://github.com/necolas/css3-social-signin-buttons/blob/master/index.html

when i open this it doesn't show the rendered html of the code of author. it shows the page as a source code.

Is it possible to see as rendered HTML directly? otherwise i always need download the whole zipt to just to see the result

Answer Source

The most comfortable way to preview HTML files on GitHub is to go to http://htmlpreview.github.com/ or just prepend it to the original URL, i.e.: http://htmlpreview.github.com/?https://github.com/bartaz/impress.js/blob/master/index.html

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