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Ruby Question

Using advancedSyntax in Algolia Search

I have Algolia search installed and working in my rails app. I want to set the advancedSyntax option to true for my indexed model. This is what I've tried in the model:

algoliasearch if: :approved?, per_environment: true do
attribute :title, :location, :description, :posted_at, :id

attributesToIndex ['title', 'description', 'location']

attribute :posted_at_i do

customRanking ['desc(posted_at_i)']

advancedSyntax true

And I get this error:

undefined method `advancedSyntax' for #<AlgoliaSearch::IndexSettings:0x0055955e3ca548>

I can't find advice that shows how to set this option in the rails model. Can it be done? and if so how?

Thanks in advance for any help provided.


This was a missing feature of the Rails integration. Here is the commit fixing it. It's part of the 1.15.1 version.