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Swift Question

Cannot subscript a value of type '[String : AnyObject]' with an index of type 'String'

I'm trying to get some data from a JSON content(in my data.swift file) and assign it to "comments". Anyone know whats going wrong here and how I can fix it? Seems like a syntax issue that I'm having trouble with.

The error I am getting:
The error I am getting

import UIKit

class CommentsTableViewController: UITableViewController {

var story = [String:AnyObject]()
var comments = [String:AnyObject]()

override func viewDidLoad() {

comments = story["comments"]

tableView.estimatedRowHeight = 140
tableView.rowHeight = UITableViewAutomaticDimension

It's not liking the
comments = story["comments"]

Answer Source

There is an error in your code, but the error message you're seeing is incorrect and misleading due to a Swift compiler bug. The actual error message should read: AnyObject is not convertible to [String:AnyObject].

self.story["comments"] returns an AnyObject. To assign that value to self.comments you must first typecast AnyObject to the Dictionary type [String:AnyObject].

For example:

self.comments = self.story["comments"] as! [String:AnyObject]
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