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JSON Question

How to add types information to JSON on serialization?

Angular requires

objects in many places whereas JSON contains string representation of the date.

I want to add an array of properties which contain date values:

class Foo
public int IntProp {get;set;}
public DateTime? Prop1 {get;set;}
public DateTime Prop2 {get;set;}
public Bar Bar {set;set;}

class Bar
public DateTime Prop {get;set;}
public IEnumerable<DateTime?> Dates {get;set;}

Foo should then be serialized like this:

"IntProp": 1,
"Prop1": "...",
"Prop2": "...",
"Bar": {
"Prop": "..."

"<Dates>": [ "Prop1", "Prop2", "Bar.Prop", "Bar.Dates"]

This allows me to automatically convert strings to date objects at the client side without testing every property whether it is convertible to
like it is described in this question.

I can collect the paths of date properties, but have no idea how to add populated array to the root.

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Answer Source

You could convert to an intermediate JObject and add the property there. For instance, given the following converter:

public class PathLoggingDateTimeConverter : IsoDateTimeConverter
    public const string DatePathPropertyName = "<Dates>";

    readonly List<string> paths = new List<string>();

    public override bool CanConvert(Type objectType)
        if (!base.CanConvert(objectType))
            return false;
        // Not for DateTimeOffset
        return objectType == typeof(DateTime) || objectType == typeof(DateTime?);

    public override void WriteJson(JsonWriter writer, object value, JsonSerializer serializer)
        base.WriteJson(writer, value, serializer);
        if (value != null)

    public IList<string> Paths { get { return paths; } }

You can do:

        var root = new Foo
            IntProp = 101,
            Prop1 = DateTime.Today.ToUniversalTime(),
            Prop2 = DateTime.Today.ToUniversalTime(),
            Bar = new Bar
                Prop = DateTime.Today.ToUniversalTime(),
                Dates = new List<DateTime?> { null, DateTime.Today.ToUniversalTime() },

        var converter = new PathLoggingDateTimeConverter();
        var settings = new JsonSerializerSettings { Converters = new[] { converter } };
        var obj = JObject.FromObject(root, JsonSerializer.CreateDefault(settings));
        obj[PathLoggingDateTimeConverter.DatePathPropertyName] = JToken.FromObject(converter.Paths);


And the result is:

  "IntProp": 101,
  "Prop1": "2016-10-25T04:00:00Z",
  "Prop2": "2016-10-25T04:00:00Z",
  "Bar": {
    "Prop": "2016-10-25T04:00:00Z",
    "Dates": [
  "<Dates>": [
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