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Bulk Upsert with MongoDB Java 3.0 Driver

In the earlier versions of MongoDB Java drivers , to run a query and do unordered bulk upsert on the result all we had do was :

BulkWriteOperation bulk = dbCollection.initializeUnorderedBulkOperation();
bulk.find(searchQuery).upsert().update(new BasicDBObject("$set", getDbObjectModel()));

But in version 3, with the introduction of Bson Document support and MongoCollection.bulkWrite() method how can this be done?

I tried this :

List<WriteModel<Document>> documentList = new ArrayList<>();

collection.bulkWrite(documentList, new BulkWriteOptions().ordered(false));

but, I need the upsert functionality.


Answer Source

You can still use all of the functionality, it's just that BulkWrites now have a different syntax:

    MongoCollection<Document> collection = db.getCollection("sample");

    List<WriteModel<Document>> updates = Arrays.<WriteModel<Document>>asList(
        new UpdateOneModel<Document>(
                new Document(),                   // find part
                new Document("$set",1),           // update part
                new UpdateOptions().upsert(true)  // options like upsert

    BulkWriteResult bulkWriteResult = collection.bulkWrite(updates);

So you use the UpdateOneModel ( or for many if you want ) and set the UpdateOptions as the third argument to the constructor.

Takes some getting used to, but it's basically just building "Lists" with all the same syntax as elsewhere. I guess that's the main reason for the change.

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