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Javascript exec maintaing state

I am currently trying to build a little templating engine in Javascript by replacing tags in a html5 tag by find and replace with a regex.

I am using exec on my regular expression and I am looping over the results. I am wondering why the regular expressions breaks in its current form with the /g flag on the regular expression but is fine without it?

Check the broken example and remove the /g flag on the regular expression to view the correct output.

var TemplateEngine = function(tpl, data) {
var re = /(?:&lt;|<)%(.*?)(?:%&gt;|>)/g, match;
while(match = re.exec(tpl)) {
tpl = tpl.replace(match[0], data[match[1]])

return tpl;

Can somebody explain to me a little bit more on depth why my example breaks exactly on:


Answer Source

The reason is explained in javascript string exec strange behavior.

The solution you need is actually a String.replace with a callback as a replacement:

var TemplateEngine = function(tpl, data) {
  var re = /(?:&lt;|<)%(.*?)(?:%&gt;|>)/g, match;
  return tpl.replace(re, function($0, $1) { 
     return data[$1] ? data[$1] : $0;

See the updated fiddle

Here, the regex finds all non-overlapping matches in the string, sequentially, and passes the match to the callback method. $0 is the full match and $1 is the Group 1 contents. If data[$1] exists, it is used to replace the whole match, else, the whole match is inserted back.

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