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Shared variables between JS and SCSS in Vue

I've recently started using Vue.js 2, and I'm a fan of the single-file component structure:

<h1>Hello World</h1>

export default {
name: 'hello-world',

<style scoped lang="scss">
h1 {
font-size: 72px;

I'm curious if there's an established way to pass variables between SCSS and JS, though. I need to share a value, and right now it's duplicated in both sections.

I used the Vue CLI to create this project, so it's being bundled with Webpack 2, using the vue-loader. I'm hoping there's a way to configure it to populate variables from JS to SCSS, or vice-versa.

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Your question would benefit from more details. How thorough of an integration do you need? There's this which would allow you to create a JSON file and get those values as SCSS variables as well as JS (obviously).

If you want something more simple you can also create inline styles by using :style. That way it would be dynamic.

So something like:

<div :style="{ height: heightInPixels }">...</div>

Here's a quick demo of it:

It really depends on your exact need.

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