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How to get all messages in Amazon SQS queue using boto library in Python?

I'm working on an application whose workflow is managed by passing messages in SQS, using boto.

My SQS queue is growing gradually, and I have no way to check how many elements it is supposed to contain.

Now I have a daemon that periodically polls the queue, and checks if i have a fixed-size set of elements. For example, consider the following "queue":

q = ["msg1_comp1", "msg2_comp1", "msg1_comp2", "msg3_comp1", "msg2_comp2"]

Now I want to check if I have "msg1_comp1", "msg2_comp1" and "msg3_comp1" in the queue together at some point in time, but I don't know the size of the queue.

After looking through the API, it seems you can either get only 1 element, or a fixed number of elements in the queue, but not all:

>>> rs = q.get_messages()
>>> len(rs)
>>> rs = q.get_messages(10)
>>> len(rs)

A suggestion proposed in the answers would be to get for example 10 messages in a loop until I get nothing back, but messages in SQS have a visibility timeout, meaning that if I poll elements from the queue, they won't be really removed, they will only be invisible for a short period of time.

Is there a simple way to get all messages in the queue, without knowing how many there are?

Answer Source

Put your call to q.get_messages(n) inside while loop:

while len(rs)>0:

Additionally, dump won't support more than 10 messages either:

def dump(self, file_name, page_size=10, vtimeout=10, sep='\n'):
    """Utility function to dump the messages in a queue to a file
    NOTE: Page size must be < 10 else SQS errors"""
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