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C# Question

Counting Precision Digits

How to count precision digits on a C# decimal type?

e.g. 12.001 = 3 precision digits.

I would like to thrown an error is a precision of greater than x is present.


Answer Source

You can get the "scale" of a decimal like this:

static byte GetScale(decimal d)
  return BitConverter.GetBytes(decimal.GetBits(d)[3])[2];

Explanation: decimal.GetBits returns an array of four int values of which we take only the last one. As described on the linked page, we need only the second to last byte from the four bytes that make up this int, and we do that with BitConverter.GetBytes.

Examples: The scale of the number 3.14m is 2. The scale of 3.14000m is 5. The scale of 123456m is 0. The scale of 123456.0m is 1.

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