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How to use getSystemService in a non-activity class?

I am building an application which triggers an alarm via AlarmManager.

I would like to be able to call the Alarm via it's own non-activity class, but since I am not extending Activity, I don't appear to have any 'context'. This concept confuses me, and I've read the sdk docs.

How would I go about using:

alarmTest = (AlarmManager)getSystemService(Context.ALARM_SERVICE);

in my non-activty class?

Also, I'm assuming getting context will allow me to use SharedPrefs and Intents in my non-activity class as well?

Answer Source

You can pass the context to the non-activity class which is the preferred way or you could encapsulate the base context of the application to a singleton which would allow you to access the context anywhere within the application. At some cases this might be a good solution but in others its certainly not a good one.

Anyway, if you want to trigger an alarm via the AlarmManager I'm pretty sure the alarm should inherit from a Service or better yet from IntentService and in such cases you have access to the context via this.getBaseContext() or this.getApplicationContext()

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