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R Question

Reset par to the default values at startup

Normally when I make my own plot functions, I make a construct :

op <- par("mypar"=myvalue)

which is the standard way of reverting the
to the previous values. Imagine you've been running some functions that did change some of the pars, and you need to reset to the default values at startup in R. What is the convenient way of doing so?

Or in other words : how does one reaches the default values for

Answer Source

This is hacky, but:

resetPar <- function() {
    op <- par(no.readonly = TRUE)

works after a fashion, but it does flash a new device on screen temporarily...


> par(mfrow = c(2,2)) ## some random par change
> par("mfrow")
[1] 2 2
> par(resetPar())     ## reset the pars to defaults
> par("mfrow")        ## back to default
[1] 1 1
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