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How to clone a Graphics in C#?

I want to provide different parts of an application with independent Graphics instances which end up painting on the same base Graphics. Simply cloning the Graphics works, but since both instances refer to the same GDI handle, there are not independent. I can't use Begin and EndContainer as well since I have a method which has to provide the new Graphics instances. -so I cannot determine when to call EndContainer. The use case is quite similar to the Graphics.create() method in Java.

I've found some workarounds, but none of them works for a Graphics provided by the PrintController.

Is there any proxy-Graphics I can use? Or is there a possibility to create another Graphics for the same device for instance?

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This sounds bad. Do not store references to a Graphics object, it only ever lives temporarily and is only valid while a Paint or PrintPage event handler is running. Do make sure to pass it as an argument to whatever method does the drawing instead of storing it in a field or a global variable.

If the method is altering the state of the object then use the Save() and Restore() methods to prevent this from causing problems in subsequent methods that use that same object. Cloning it is never necessary with this approach.

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