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Android Question

Cannot replace default icon in android studio

The image I am trying to replace the default icon with is 512x512px .png.
To change the icon I go app/res [new; image asset;...].
It won't let me replace or create new icon set in the @drawable.
My most recent thought are that I might not have unlocked some priveges but I am able edit contents of drawable by directly accessing it's location

Any ideas?

Answer Source

The new version of android studio put default launcher icon(ic_launcher.png) in mipmap-xxx directories, so just copy and paste your new icon to these directores, and reference it as '@mipmap/you_icon', or in code 'R.mipmap.you_icon'. If you still want to use the keyword 'drawable', then create the drawable folders(drawable-xxx), and put your icon there, and reference it as '@drawable/you_icon', or in code 'R.drawable.you_icon'

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