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Python Question

Docstring inheritance for properties using sphinx's autodoc

I have a class like this:

class MyBase(object):
x = 3
"""Documentation for property x"""

and another class that inherits it:

class MyObj(MyBase):
x = 0

When I use sphinx's autodoc to generate documentation,
is not documented. Is there any way to inherit the docstring from
? I found DocInherit but since this uses a decorator, it only works for class methods. Any way to do this with properties?


I found a workaround using the property function:

class MyBase(object):
   _x = 3
   x = property( lambda s: s._x, doc="Documentation for property x")

class MyObj(MyBase):
   _x = 0

This is nice in that given an instance variable:

>>> m = MyObj()
>>> m.x

one can call help(m) and get proper documentation of property x and sphinx also picks this up correctly.