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HTML Question

How to close a div by clicking outside of it

I made a search for one of my websites and when I press on my div, it shows all the categories. When you click on a category, then the div close by itself. My issue here is if the customer click on my div and doesn't want to click on any category, I want this div to be closed whenever this customer is clicking anywhere outside of it.

Here's my HTML :

<div id="wrap-categories">
<p>Choose a category</p>
<img src="..." alt="white-arrow">
<ul class="" style="display: none;">

<li data-value="1">Category 1</li>
<li data-value="2">Category 2</li>
<li data-value="3">Category 3</li>


And this is my Javascript, which is not working properly whenever I try to click outside of the div to close it :

$('#wrap-categories > p').click(function() {
$('#wrap-categories > ul').addClass('opened').show();

if($('#wrap-categories > ul').hasClass('opened')) {
$(document).click(function(e) {
// close div here

What it does is even when I click on the div #wrap-categories, it already put a 1 in console.log. But I really need to close it only when the user is cliking outside of it when the div is opened, and also has the class "opened".


Did you mean this?

$('#wrap-categories').click(function(e) {
$('#wrap-categories').click(function() {        
    $('#wrap-categories > ul').addClass('opened').show();

$(document).click(function() {      
    $('#wrap-categories > ul').removeClass('opened').hide();