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Holding Values in an object for console application C#

I am currently writing an application where I am getting data from the DB and passing it to the object which will later be used to send the data off else where. The issue I am having in testing is that the data doesn't hold in the object as when it is used later, I get null value errors. I know we can store these in sessions, but I also know you can use objects and have done it before at previous jobs, but do not recall what I am missing to maintain the information. Would I need to pass the object(s) from method to method until the job is done?

the first sample here shows where it is prepping the object.

public void FtpInitialize()

//Loading FTPClient object with ClientInfo Object data we got from DataBase. FTPClient object is the object that sends the data.
ClientInfo = _RepositoryController.GetClientInfo(ClientInfo);
if (ClientInfo == null)
ClientInfo.ClientDataExists = false;
FTPClient.Host = ClientInfo.Host;
FTPClient.Port = ClientInfo.Port;
FTPClient.EncryptionMode = FtpEncryptionMode.Explicit;
FTPClient.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(ClientInfo.UserName, ClientInfo.Password);
FTPClient.DataConnectionType = FtpDataConnectionType.EPSV; //according library documentation, auto passive is broken as of 10/20/2016
FTPClient.EnableThreadSafeDataConnections = ClientInfo.EnableThreadSafeConnection;
FTPClient.DataConnectionConnectTimeout = ClientInfo.DataConnectionTimeout;
FTPClient.DataConnectionReadTimeout = ClientInfo.DataReadTimeout;
FTPClient.ConnectTimeout = ClientInfo.ConnectionTimeout;
FTPClient.ReadTimeout = ClientInfo.ReadTimeout;
FTPClient.SocketPollInterval = ClientInfo.SocketPollInterval;
FTPClient.SocketKeepAlive = ClientInfo.KeepSocketAlive;
FTPClient.ValidateCertificate += new FtpSslValidation(OnValidateCertificate);

ClientInfo.ClientDataExists = true;

then below when I hit this part, it shows as null

public bool SendData()
short errorCount = 0;
using (FTPClient)
if (ClientInfo.ClientDataExists)

Answer Source

This looks like you are using local variables in your methods. This is why the data "disappears".

For example if you are pulling data from your database you should have some kind of model class and container so that the data can persist until you are done with it.

EX: You have a database that contains information on people (name, dob, etc).

You should have a class that defines person and possibly a List to store said people. You call your database and pull X person objects into your List variable. You then can pass your List into the methods. Note: You can ditch the List (or whatever collection you use) if you are doing it one at a time.

The implementation of this really depends on how you want the objects to persist. If you know you will only pull one person object at a time you can declare var databasePerson from the database. Use the List if you will be pulling more information and then pop off the object when your are down with it.

Hope that helps.

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