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Node.js Question

How to stop app that node.js express 'npm start'

You build node.js app with express v4.x then start your app by npm start. My question is how to stop the app? Is there npm stop?

EDIT to include the error when implement npm stop

/home/nodetest2# npm stop

> nodetest2@0.0.1 stop /home/nodetest2
> pkill -s SIGINT nodetest2

pkill: invalid argument for option 's' -- SIGINT

npm ERR! nodetest2@0.0.1 stop: `pkill -s SIGINT nodetest2`
npm ERR! Exit status 2

Answer Source

Yes, npm provides for a stop script too:

npm help npm-scripts

prestop, stop, poststop: Run by the npm stop command.

Set one of the above in your package.json, and then use npm stop

npm help npm-stop

You can make this really simple if you set in app.js,

process.title = myApp;

And, then in scripts.json,

"scripts": {
    "start": "app.js"
    , "stop": "pkill --signal SIGINT myApp"

That said, if this was me, I'd be using pm2 or something the automatically handled this on the basis of a git push.

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