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Error in Declaring Arrays in Shell Script

I have a script in which I'm reading a file into an array line by line.

echo "Enter audio file name. (File must be of .wav format)"

read fileName

echo "Enter path of the audio file"

read path

echo "Enter folder name"

read outputfolder

mkdir -p $outputfolder

echo "Processing $fileName"
./ $path/$fileName.wav 120 $outputfolder

#value="$(grep "$fileName.*S" $outputfolder/$fileName/$fileName.g.3.seg)"

#echo "${value}"

awk '{ print $3" "$4}' $outputfolder/$fileName/$fileName.g.3.seg > a

#var=$(awk '{ print $1 }' a) > 2

#echo "${var[0]}

getArray() {
array=() # Create array
while IFS= read -r line # Read a line
array+=("$line") # Append line to the array
done < "$1"

getArray "a" #file name

The error I'm having is in the array deceleration.

Syntax error: "(" unexpected (expecting "}")

I have tried using


but none of them seems to work.

Here are the content of the file:

S0 [
42 4677
S10 [
4719 1266
6020 3618
9667 8463

Answer Source

Seems your version doesn't support arrays, otherwise readarray is a bash builtin and does same as function

help readarray

readarray -t my_array < filename
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