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Algorithm for Dating Website

Out of curiosity, i'm wondering if anyone has had any experience writing a Dating Website. I hear the word algorithm used alot but have never really came across a situation where i've needed to use one (or so i thought). I also hear that people use algorithms for Dating websites to find matches for people? What sort of language to these sites use for their logic? PHP perhaps?

My question in summary is could you use PHP to construct a Dating website and use "algorithms" to find matches for people or is that not how its done?

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An algorithm is a logical construct that performs a task.

If a dating website offers any sort of functionality to "match" people, whether it is calculating compatibility or doing searches based on some sort of "suitability" parameter then it is using an "algorithm" of some sort.

If a dating website merely lets users search the database based on the data entered (where they live, gender, etc. etc.) then it is not using any sort of algorithm beyond those used internally in its components.

The answer to your question in summary is "yes" and "whatever". Yes you could use PHP and you could use "algorithms" to find matches for people. As to "how it is done", I imagine that there is no one single way currently implemented, and certainly there is always room for someone to invent a new way of doing it even if that is how "it is done". Don't feel constrained by custom.

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